Broken Future

by Modi Bardo & Dubsworth



With our continued devotion to the proliferation of Future Dub, Modi Bardo has teamed up with our fearless leader Dubsworth, to fight back against the ominous Broken Future. A true meld of classic dub elements and techno soundscapes, this release incorporates a perfect blend of both producers' greatest influences.

“Broken Future” is a vision of a world driven into chaos by tyrannical forces. Immersed in true roots, the track kicks off with Nyabinghi percussion and spaced out guitar stabs. Tech skanks guide us through this darkly atmospheric production until the apocalyptic live bass guitar drop, played by Dubsworth himself, defines both the tune and melody. Taking us on a relentless journey of rootsy progressive vibes, this dub anthem represents the dual possibilities of eventual prosperity or dystopian nightmares. 
Despite our most vigilant efforts, Humanities’ path has been broken, divided and conquered. Forced into “Choosing Sides,” the people have chosen resistance. Calling on the ancient sounds of the underground, a half time 4x4 kick rolls and ruthless live bass (again by Dubsworth) drives this massive dubwise stomper. Evil ripples of growly mid bass snarl below the murky woeful harmonies. As it emerges from the aftermath, the melody sings mournfully of our losses while the contrast of playful chirping birds float into the mix, signaling the rebirth of our culture through a new sound.

Adding to his scores of epic collaborations (Lee Scratch Perry, DJ Spooky, and Scientist to name a few), Alter Echo joins with Modi Bardo for an outer space reinterpretation of “Choosing Sides.” Minimal bass slumps throughout the dank cavern as the tunes’ pulse is derived from the slow kick punch and upbeat hi-hat. Huge rim cracks and alien sounds smash against the dub chamber as the bass ebbs and flows into stretched out sub-divisions of time bending exploration.

Broken Future’s seamless juxtaposition of organic and synthetic truly embodies the core vision of Dubs Alive. The tunes are as ripe for the dancehall as they are the seasoned Dub Reggae listener. Modi Bardo and Dubsworth walked a careful line respecting their roots while reaching for the furthest edges of modern dub.  


released September 1, 2014

Mastering: Subvert Central
Artwork Layout: Tapa
Graffiti/Handstyles: Nine to Fiver



all rights reserved


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